Steven M. Hernandez

About: Steven M. Hernandez

Steven M. Hernandez is a recent Ph.D. graduate (2018-2023) from the Department of Computer Science at Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, Virginia, USA advised by Dr. Eyuphan Bulut. His research interests include WiFi sensing, TinyML, edge learning, and federated learning. He will soon join Google as a Research Scientist.

During his Ph.D., he has internship experience at Facebook in Spatial Computing (2020) and Google in Ambient Speech Recognition (2022) and he is the recipient of the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship (2018-2023), VCU Graduate School Dissertation Assistantship (2023), the PerCom Best Demo Award (2020) for his initial work on WiFi sensing on mobile devices, the College of Engineering “Outstanding Graduate Student Research Award” (2022), and the Department of Computer Science “Outstanding Paper Award” (in both 2022 and 2023) for his work on Federated Learning for WiFi sensing networks and Survey on Edge WiFi Sensing systems respectively.

Preceding my research career, my interactive installation artwork was shown around Richmond, VA, USA including Gallery5 (2014), 1708 Gallery (2015) and Foster Made (2017). To this day, I continue my creative efforts within my annual "ROBOs" project (2015-2023) which combines physical design with electronic design and sensors towards novel human computer interaction (HCI) methods.