Steven M. Hernandez

Portfolio for: Interactive Art

These project show different experimental combinations of programming and art to create interactive artwork.

Interactive Glitch Wall 2015

OpenFrameworks, Interactive Art, C++

An interactive installation present at the 1708 Gallery in Richmond, Virginia which allows audience members to input themselves into a rapidly evolving wall of glitch art.

Audience members are given the ability to record GIFs of themselves as presented on the glitch wall.

See the GIFs that were created during the glitch art installation.

Electric Face 2015

Electronics, Programming (C++) & 3D Design

Github: Electronic Face Codebase and EEPROM Writer Codebase

This electronic face, uses custom designed circuit board cartridges to deliver a variety of images and messages.

Without a cartridge inserted, the device simply displays circular eyes. However; upon inserting a cartridge, the eyes can display a variety of built in actions.

Arduino Projection Mapping 2015

Arduino, Nodejs

Audience participants use physical inputs (3 potentiometers) to manipulate a projected image.

Players must manipulate the potentiometers (powered by an Arduino) to align the projected words onto a sculpture, located at VCU in Richmond, VA

View the project on Github

Bomb Puzzle 2015


A puzzle requiring players to find ways to diffuse a ticking time bomb hidden within a jewelry case.

Players must figure out how to unlock the jewelry case, rewire the bomb in a specific way, as well as uncover a secret pin number so that they can input the key to finally defuse the bomb before their time runs out.

The piece included a jewelry case bomb, a handheld keypad, a makeup compact and other accessories, as well as custom designed booklets advertising fake makeup companies which conceal clues towards defusing the bomb. In total 5 bomb props were created.

Electronic Cake Puzzle 2015


An electronic cake puzzle; when left untouched, the electronic candles fade in out as normal candle would with the movement of wind throughout a room.

Players must interact with the cupcakes and cake to uncover the answer to a riddle.

Ouija Board 2015


A Ouija board built to allow for automatic, electronically controlled writing. Placing the planchette at the correct location on the board triggers the Oujia Board to grab a hold of the planchette, quickly swinging it across the board.

Desktop displaying self portraits animation to the left along with the upload page to the right.

Portraits Animation 2014

Nodejs, HTML Canvas, Web Sockets

This project is a web app that allows users to upload their portraits into a randomly generating portrait animation

The animation has received portraits from across the globe. From the United States throughout Europe and even one from all the way in Mongolia.

Portraits Animation on Github.

View the animation (rendered live in your browser)

Raspberry Pi Portraits Animation 2015

Python, Raspberry Pi (GPIO), Nodejs

An interactive installation built with a Raspberry Pi where audience members input themselves into a endlessly generating animation.