Steven M. Hernandez

Portfolio for: Web Development

I have experience with web technologies such as:

Some more examples of my work can be found on my Github page. homepage design 2016

Web Design and Programming


BT Rents required a website that allows prospective tenants to learn about their available properties as well as allow their current tenants to pay rent online.

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NowRentIt homepage design: collect rent, receive applications, manage properties

NowRentIt 2016

Web Development

NowRentIt gives property owners the ability for their tenants to pay rent online. Additionally, it allows owners to easily get tenants the information and documents they need.

Learn more about how NowRentIt helps Property Owners and Tenants

Home page design for a glitch art editor. 2014

HTML5 canvas, Javascript/jQuery, PHP, MySQL, OAuth & Amazon S3.

This web app allows users to generate glitch art directly in their browser through HTML5 canvas and javascript.

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Desktop displaying self portraits animation to the left along with the upload page to the right.

Portraits Animation 2014

Nodejs, HTML Canvas, Web Sockets

This project is a web app that allows users to upload their portraits into a randomly generating portrait animation

The animation has received portraits from across the globe. From the United States throughout Europe and even one from all the way in Mongolia.

Portraits Animation on Github.

View the animation (rendered live in your browser)

Arduino Projection Mapping 2015

Arduino, Nodejs

Audience participants use physical inputs (3 potentiometers) to manipulate a projected image.

Players must manipulate the potentiometers (powered by an Arduino) to align the projected words onto a sculpture, located at VCU in Richmond, VA

View the project on Github

More about the Arduino Projection Mapping.