Steven M. Hernandez

Portfolio for: Annual Project

At the end of each year, I try to complete a build of a little interactive design (a robot or an interactive pet). The soft guidelines for each design is that the body should be approximately 130mm tall, 100mm wide on the front face and the depth can be variable in size. These guidelines come from the first design built in 2015 but are not set in stone.

Space Ship 2020

Raspberry Pi, Pico-8

More info and Video upcoming...

Blobs 2019

Arduino, Laser Cut

More info and Video upcoming...

Gif Pet 2018

Raspberry Pi

More info and Video upcoming...

Eink Pet 2017


More info and Video upcoming...

More about the Eink Pet.

Clay Cactus 2016

Teensy, C++

More info and Video upcoming...

Electric Face 2015

Electronics, Programming (C++) & 3D Design

Github: Electronic Face Codebase and EEPROM Writer Codebase

This electronic face, uses custom designed circuit board cartridges to deliver a variety of images and messages.

Without a cartridge inserted, the device simply displays circular eyes. However; upon inserting a cartridge, the eyes can display a variety of built in actions.

More about the Electric Face.